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Meet Alumnus Emily McInerney

Emily McInerney completed her BS degree in May 2015, with a concentration in climate and water resources and a minor in geology. “I am very thankful for the Schroeder Scholarship. It helped me reach my education goals, which  led me to join the Peace Corps. Scholarships like the Schroeder Scholarship are incredibly important for supporting students so they can continue their studies.” McInerney has served in the Peace Corps for the past two years, at a site in Agua Zarca, Mexico, where she is an environmental education volunteer working with various environmental groups. Read More

Emily McInerney

Meet Alumnus Bailey McNichol

Bailey McNichol graduated in December 2015, earning a BS in sustainable forest resources and a BA in Spanish. This December, she will complete her MS in forest resources at the University of Georgia, where she focused on entomology, researching the southern pine beetle and several pine engraver species. Bailey McNichol Bailey McNichol “I felt lucky as an out-of-state student to be able to attend UConn,” McNichol says. “I was excited about the faculty and opportunities available. I was able to find a place for myself at UConn and fully immersed myself in the experience. I appreciated every single day I was on campus, and the fact that I had access to a high-quality education and faculty that cared about me as a person and pushed me to keep learning. Having the additional financial support of scholarships made it easier in terms of my debt after graduation". Read More

Bailey McNichol

Meet Alumnus Geoff Picard

Wildlife enthusiast Geoff Picard grew up in Killingworth, Connecticut, on what he describes as a hobby farm, where he developed an early interest in maple syrup production. He encouraged the town to purchase a new sugarhouse at the school where he teaches, and he and his wife, both natural resources vocational agriculture teachers, continue to make maple syrup for their family. They met while working seasonal jobs at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven, and now they’re creating their own backyard farm with five ducks, three chickens, a dog, cat, and beehive. Here’s what he said in an interview. Read More